Amazon Changes the Game!

Traditional food, drug and mass retailers are re-assessing every component of their business as e-retailers change the competitive landscape.

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The Metrics of Accelerated Merchandising

While most retailers and brands measure performance through sales activity, true in-store performance evaluation is significantly enhanced by the ability to add the dimensions of time and space.  

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Focus on What Shopper’s are Already Buying

Focus on the “Big Head”.  Despite stores carrying in excess of 50,000 sku’s, the average grocery shopper regularly buys less than 200 items.  Focusing incremental merchandising efforts on these high velocity items along the Dominant Path results in high opportunity for larger basket sizes.  

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“Habit” Dominates Shopping Behavior

As much as 90% of in-store shopping behavior is driven by the shopper’s subconscious mind and is the result of “habit”   Accelerated Merchandising™ focuses on bringing merchandise to the shopper, consistent with their habitual journey.  

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Merchandise to the Dominant Shopping Path

In nearly every physical retail store, shoppers migrate to a repeatable traffic pattern, thus creating a Dominant Path.

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Shopper’s Time in the Store is Inelastic, but the Dollars They Spend are Not

Much to the dismay of most retailers, shoppers have an internal clock that limits the amount of time they spend on any one shopping trip.  However, during that time, the amount of money they spend is largely up to the retailer.    

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Click Here to Learn More About Accelerated Merchandising™ Accelerated Merchandising™ by Shopper Scientist is a research-based, shopper-centric merchandising company. We maintain a laser-focus on the shopper and how they shop the physical store, enabling your customers to make more frequent and faster purchase decisions during their time-constrained shopping trips. To better understand the principles of Accelerated Merchandising, Dr. Sorensen's newest book, Inside the Mind of the Shopper, Second Edition provides the foundation of empirical evidence that drives the success of Active Retailing and Accelerated Merchandising! AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON...Click on Icon Below to Review and Purchase.
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