Sell Sequentially

As the Dominant Path in the store is established, Accelerated Merchandising™ algorithms will determine the optimal categories and items to be merchandised in sequence along that path and beyond.sellseq

What to Do

Sequential selling serves as a logical extension of merchandising to the shopper along their dominant shopping path and also provides key insights as to where departments and categories should optimally reside in the store in relation to each other.  Making offers to shoppers in accordance with their dominant traffic flow and at the right time in their shopping trip provides a means to “accelerate” subconsciously driven, habitual shopper purchases.


The Payoff

The immediate positive impact of learning category sequence will be realized on basket size, share of wallet, and even center store penetration. The next logical step in the process of optimizing the placement of products and offers in the store, is the measurement of each department, category, subcategory and brand in terms of their Accelerated Merchandising™ Performance.  This approach employs the metrics of time, space, and shopper activity and sets important norms for each.