AM-Retail Management Engine™

New Competition is Selling More Efficiently and Conveniently Than Traditional Bricks and Mortar Retailers 

As much as 80% of the time a shopper spends in a retail store is wasted on searching for the items they buy, NOT in the process of making purchased decisions.

While the amount of time they have budgeted to shop in the store is reasonably fixed, the amount of money they spend in that time is up to the retailer and it’s merchandising efforts.

Shopper Data Reveals Where in the Store Shoppers are Buying…and Where They are NOT!

Retailers heavily invest in physical facilities, fixtures, Category Management tools and technology, without the basic understanding of where shoppers go in the store, how they get there,  how long do they spend searching versus shopping, and how fast they buy.


Introducing the AM Retail Management Engine™ (RME)


Accelerated Merchandising™ unique Retail Management Engine™ leverages in-store shopper behavioral data to position the right items along the Dominant Path and other key shopper-connection points that every retail store has.

Benefits to Retailers and Brands

AM Enables Retailers and Brands to..

  1. Understand the value of various product placement locations and thereby optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of in-store merchandising
  2. Make adjustments in category, display, and product placement, resulting in faster shopper engagement and accelerating larger basket sizes
  3. Enhance the access to the top selling categories and products, gain share of wallet among those items and increase market share
  4. Access new tolls to make better decisions on store design, SKU optimization, and multi-channel strategies to compete with new forms of competition.