As much as 80% of the time a shopper spends in a retail store is wasted on searching for the items they buy, NOT in the process of making purchased decisions.

While the amount of time they have budgeted to shop in the store is reasonably fixed, the amount of money they spend in that time is up to the retailer and it’s merchandising efforts.

Retailers heavily invest in physical facilities, fixtures, Category Management tools and technology, without the basic understanding of where shoppers go in the store, how they get there,  how long do they spend searching versus shopping, and how fast they buy.

Accelerated Merchandising™ leverages in-store shopper behavioral data to position the right items along the Dominant Path that every retail store has.


The Payoff for Accelerated Merchandising™.

This new sales paradigm is not to coerce shoppers into aisles they are not interested in, or extend the amount of time they spend with you on each trip, but rather to sell to them faster by boldly bringing the items they buy most frequently into path.   The result will be unmistakably larger baskets and higher levels of shopper satisfaction that will lead to more trips and a larger share of the shopper’s wallet.