We offer a customized approach, providing clients an array of engagement options from entry-level learning and merchandising enhancements to a full comprehensive approach including layout and store design.


  1. Store Baseline:  Establishing the existing shopping patterns in the store, highlighting the various levels of shopper exposure, selling efficiencies, and traffic patterns.
  2. Top Seller Program:  Selecting key categories within the store in which to visibly highlight the best sellers within the category to produce more efficient buying in that category and increase overall category sales.
  3. End Cap/Display Scoring:  Each end cap and display in the store is scored against performance across the key highly promoted categories.  The result provides retailers a means to evaluate and offer end cap and display space to brand partners according to their proclivity to produce sales.
  4. Dominant Path Merchandising:  Once a dominant shopping path is determined, a plan to make selected “offers” along this path will produce incremental sales, basket size gain, and increase shopper efficiency and satisfaction.
  5. Sequential Sales Planner:  The order in which categories and sku’s are offered to the shopper in-store matters.  Accelerated Merchandising’s™ algorithms will augment the retailer’s weekly sales planner with specific recommendations of product placement along the Dominant Path and beyond.
  6. Category Adjacency Enhancement: While much has been accomplished with space management and category management tools in the way of item placement and facings within a shelf set, Accelerated Merchandising’s™ Atlas Category Placement Software will enable retailers to “plug and play” various category placements throughout the store to optimize their position and adjacency with other categories.
  7. Store Layout/Design Enhancement:  In tandem with business partner, CLEARBRAND®, a comprehensive plan of store design, layout enhancements and the full body of Accelerated Merchandising’s™ Solution Set will provide the retailer store format plans that encompass the Five Vital Tenets of Accelerated Merchandising™.


  1. Brand Exposure/Performance Assessment:  Within targeted retailer footprints, a brand and its category will be examined in terms of its exposure to shoppers and how category and brand perform in various locations of the store.
  2. Special Call Out Program Assessment:  Brand packaging is typically not sufficient to elevate the exposure of the brand in “sku intensive” categories and busy shelf sets.  The Special Call Out Program places key word signage on selected items which elevates their exposure to the habitual shopper.
  3. New Item Program:  New Items are the life blood of brands and add “good disruption” to category inertial.  This program uses shopper and traffic flow data to optimally position new items, both within the category, but also in secondary placements to produce incremental exposure and sales.

*Brand programs are predicated on obtaining permissions with selected retailers to preform and measure the efficacy of each program.

Depending upon the level of engagement, Accelerated Merchandising™ will provide in-store merchandising services, daily, weekly, and periodic (AM) Impact Reports, and consultative services.reports