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Focus on Five Things…Just Five

Sophisticated marketing plans often neglect to recognize the need for focus and customer recognition. I begin my conversation with many of my clients by asking “What are the five things your customers consistently give your credit for?” In some cases I can get one or two delivery elements, but most struggle with answering that question with confidence and clarity.

The point is that successful businesses establish a “clear identity” with their patrons. If that vision does not exist, there is more than likely a very weak customer connection in place.

So pick five things. It could be a signature item or service or perhaps a customer experience element. Make sure each of these elements is important to your customers, and then circle the wagons around these five things. Sure, it could be four or even three things you want to truly train your guns on, but five elements provides enough variety to cover marketing, operational, merchandising and service dimensions of the business.

Whether its five, four or just three elements, drill them into the corporate culture and insure that” no matter what” they are supported and associates are held accountable for that support. Identify those elements that can differentiate your business, support them, defend them and do not relent…no matter what!!